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The Triclinio Leoniano in Rome: a section of mosiac from Pope Leo III's dining hall - Click for Rome page



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How to get the best travel deals


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car hire?

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Goldcar Rental and Auto-Europe at all costs, click here.



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Eco-Friendly Travel


Casa Vicens in Barcelona: a private residence designed by Gaudí - Click for Barcelona page

Casa Vicens in Barcelona: a private residence designed by Gaudí

The Carbon Neutral Company - although the UK contributes less than 2% of the world’s greenhouse gases, and aviation 1.6%*, it’s nice to know you can neutralize your travel emissions with the help of this website.


It's also worth noting that computers powering internet services such as search engines and social media account for 2% of the world's greenhouse gases according to The Guardian.


Climate Care - is also dedicated to helping us to neutralize carbon pollution. It allows you to precisely calculate and offset flight emissions by airport and destination.


The Travel Foundation is an independent charity that works with the travel industry, governments and conservation groups to create and promote sustainable tourism.


*according to the 2006 Stern review.


Booking and Travel Planning

Netfights - low cost flight deals to hundreds of destinations.

Whichbudget trawls the low-cost carriers for who flies where and at what price.


Flight Checker is part of the Money Saving Expert site and will also help you find the best flight deals.


The Arsenale shipyards were the souce of Venice power

The Arsenale shipyards were the souce of Venice power


Flightmapping - a comprehensive and easy-to-use guide to who flies where and from which airport.


Ferrybooker is a one-stop shop for ferries and Eurotunnel.


Air France - 0870 1424343

Eurotunnel - 0870 5353535

Alitalia - 0870 5448259

Flybe - 0871 7000535

BA - 0870 8509850

Jet2 - 0871 2261737

Easyjet - 0871 2442366

Ryanair - 0871 2460000

Eurostar- 0870 5186186



Health Information & Travel Insurance


European Health Insurance Card - UK residents are entitled to free or reduced cost medical treatment when visiting the EU, but this card is needed to qualify.


Mosiac copy of a Leger painting at  Les Abbattoir in Toulouse - Click for Toulouse page

Mosiac copy of a Leger painting at  Les Abbattoir gallery in Toulouse

It’s free and available online, by phone or by post. It doesn't replace travel insurance and some policies will require it.


Foreign & Commonwealth Office - all sorts of travel information including places to avoid.


Fit For Travel health advice for travellers.


World Health Organisation - more health advice for travellers.


Travel Insurance - If you’re making more than two or three trips a year, unless they’re day trips, it’s worth considering multi-trip insurance.


Moneynet and Moneysupermarket are just two sites that will help you find good deals on single or multi-trip insurance.




Unesco World Heritage - a guide to every heritage site in the world with information on why they were listed.


Globetrotters – international club for independent travellers who share information, experiences and hospitality.


Splut! - a search directory of UK websites.


PC Top Tips - nothing to do with travel just the latest hints and tips for Windows PCs. An essential resource for anyone with a computer, from beginners to experienced users.









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