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Rozenhoedkaai in Bruges

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Sant Agnese In Agone church in Piazza Navona

Sant'Agnese In Agone church in Piazza Navona


Day Trips to Europe is written and photographed by John Hill, with the help of a few enthusiastic friends who selflessly give up their free time to visit wonderful places, eat great food, and drink good wine and beer.


Sometimes they remain sober enough to remember where they’ve been and jot down their thoughts and impressions.


John is a journalist, comedy writer and compulsive traveller; only talent stands between him and greatness.


He has been organizing days out in Europe for family and friends for several years, and on the advice of a friend decided to create this website.


A great way to see the Amalfi coast in Italy - from a Ducati

A great way to see the Amalfi coast in Italy - from a Ducati


If you’ve visited one of the featured cities and feel something noteworthy has been missed out, please let us know.


If you want to criticize the site, bear in mind that we're extremely sensitive.


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