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Restaurant of the Week - Barcelona - Tossa

Youíre unlikely to find this unassuming but excellent tapas bar by accident, but if youíre hungry after visiting Sagrada Familia it's just seven minutes walk away. Even if youíre not sight-seeing locally, it's worth visiting for their delicious Catalan bread, and the amazing croquetas: they do a sample plate with one of each variety in case you canít decide what to go for. Eating and drinking here is wallet friendly and thereís outdoor seating if you donít want to miss the sun. The service is friendly and attentive but itís not a place to go if youíre in a hurry - 19 Avenida MarquŤs de l'Argentera. Closed Sundays - 0034 934 576 510 Map


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The chimneys of GaudŪís La Pedrera building in Barcelona - Click for Barcelona page

The chimneys of GaudŪís La Pedrera building in Barcelona


Fancy taking in the Venetian glamour of the Gritti Palace while sipping Prosecco? Wandering around spectacular churches and palazzos?


Sightseeing by gondola after a little antipasto, some seafood risotto and a bottle of Bardolino? How about going for the day?


A day trip to Europe from the UK is easy and inexpensive. Thereís also something almost dreamlike about the experience. It seems to stretch time and make things more memorable.


The Arsenale in Venice - Click for Venice page

The Arsenale in Venice

Plus thereís no luggage to carry or hotels to book, and itís easier to find a babysitter for a day. A day trip can turn a special occasion into something remarkable.


Whether youíre driving to Bruges, getting the train to Paris or flying to Amsterdam, you could be there in under two hours, and spend eight or nine hours soaking up the atmosphere.


To minimize airport time, a number of carriers - including Easyjet, Ryanair and British Airways - offer online check in. And you only have to check in 30 minutes before you travel with Eurotunnel and Eurostar.


This site aims to open your eyes to the unique pleasures of day tripping to Europe. It provides all the information necessary to help create perfect, unforgettable days out.




But avoid the temptation to cram too much in. Try not to visit more than two or three sights; and allow plenty of time for lunch, and aimless exploring and people watching. After your first trip, youíll want to do it again, and again.


Santa Domenico E Sisto - a hidden gem - Click for Rome page

Santa Domenico E Sisto in Rome - a hidden gem

If you are planning a short break or a romantic long weekend in Europe you will also find this site invaluable.


And remember, although there are often last minute bargains to be had, itís usually cheaper to book in advance and travel during the week.


Also, on weekdays the sights are generally less crowded and itís easier to get into popular restaurants without booking.


The site includes information on journey times and local transport; recommended restaurants, places drink and shop; top sights, museums and major events; as well as currency exchange rates, learning a language, and a five day weather forecast.


If you haven't already got your free European Health Insurance Card, or you're interested in good deals on single or multi-trip travel insurance, click here.


Eco-friendly travel - to find out how you can make your travel carbon neutral visit CarbonNeutral or ClimateCare.


Concertgebouw concert hall in Amsterdam - Click for Amsterdam page

Concertgebouw concert hall in Amsterdam
























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